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Saturday, September 09, 2006

How To Get That “Home Run” Article Idea

How do I get my article ideas? I can hear you asking the million-dollar question.

This question actually has such a simple answer that many may not be able to take in quickly. That answer is that I focus on problems.

Let’s face it, when most folks come online and head straight to their favorite search engine, they have a problem that they are trying to solve. Even if that problem is finding the latest dating for nerds site. The world is full of all sorts f problems and millions of earthlings are avidly reading articles that they find mainly through search engines, in an effort to solve those problems.

Many times they get disappointed because the articles they find do not address the problem at hand. But when they do find an article that focuses like a laser beam on the exact problem that they are tackling, they’re hooked. Hooked to the site where they saw that article. Chances are high that they will come back again and again. Chances are also pretty high that they’ll tell somebody about it. Some may even re-post the article at their site complete with your resource box linking back to them. That is how an article builds traffic for the writer’s site.

The bigger and more pressing the problem your well-written article packed with valuable tips is, the higher the traffic it will generate.

So where do I usually find the problems? Many times from problems that I am facing myself. I research, create a solution and when it works, I have some excellent material for a long series of articles that I will end up posting at my blog and also at a high traffic articles directory. Other sources are discussion forums and blogs.

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