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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Why I’m Always Dreaming That I’ve Created A Single Article That Has Given Me A Million Hits

Anybody using articles to market their site must be an avid dreamer who dreams big dreams all the time. It makes all the difference. This is not a new idea. We all know that before something is created physically, it must first be created in the mind.

This is part and parcel of the process of staying tightly focused on your objective when creating article ideas and articles. The mind is a wonderful computer that is designed to solve life’s problems for you. My mind is always focused on my goal of creating a single article that will give me a million hits. I think about it all the time and that is why I also dream about it. Sometimes I even day-dream about it.

What will the headline look like? What will be length? What particular topic will it cover? What aspect of human nature will my million hits article exploit? What problem will it solve? To date my articles have attracted hundreds of thousands of hits. Some single articles have done tens of thousands. Yes, they’ve made me money. But that’s beside the point. I remained focused on my million hits article. I know, nay, I am absolutely sure that one day soon I will write it.

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