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Monday, September 25, 2006

Use link Bait Techniques As Another Sure Way To Avoid Duplicate Content

Link bait or simply good public relations (as many would prefer to call it) is one of the most effectives ways of attracting numerous one way links pointing at your site, which in turn ends up affecting your position in major searches using your main keyword phrases, which in turn will get you even more traffic.

Link baiting is really nothing new. It is just like coming up with the sort of story that attracts millions of readers in a print publication. Online you will attract readers many of whom will link to your article from their blog sites and web sites.

What this means is that the same techniques used by print publishers is the very same one you can use online. One of the techniques is using controversy. Controversy has always sold. And it will always sell.

You can for instance criticize the top blogger in your industry or profession over a recent post that they have made. You had better know your stuff pretty well otherwise you'll make a fool of yourself and get the high traffic only once. Or alternatively everybody will be able to sense that you have no idea what you are saying and will not even take your bait. You'll just get ignored.

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