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Saturday, September 09, 2006

One Article Idea That Poured In The Dollars Into My Accounts

There is one article idea that I came up with almost two years ago. To date it still single handedly creates most of the traffic for one of my blogs. This single article is responsible for earning me a lot of money both in terms of Adsense revenue and at least one other related affiliate program.

That’s how powerful a single idea and the article it creates can be.

This is something many site owners forget in the mad rush to create a huge volume of articles. It is true that the higher the number of articles you have out there, the more traffic, you will be able to generate. That is a fact that cannot be denied. Still, this will usually take time. So the only way to build up traffic quickly even as you work towards your high volume of articles is to ensure as much as possible that each single article that you do gives you as much traffic as possible.

The best way to focus on this problem is to constantly look to create that single article that will single-handedly give you hundreds of thousands of hits. That magical single idea that will transform your traffic volumes. The result of this approach is that your accumulation of articles that are “near misses” and even “complete misses” as far as reaching your objective is concerned, have a good chance of adding up to give you a substantial amount of traffic.

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