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Monday, September 25, 2006

Effective Technique To Dramatically Increase The Number Of Fresh Content And Avoid Duplicate Content

If you carefully study the way in which these set of articles dealing with duplicate content and Adsense revenue have been written, you will discover my magical technique. A technique that I have used rather effectively in dealing with the duplicate content nightmare.

There was a time I would write a single 600 to 800 word article with one headline. I hardly do that anymore. Instead I break the 800 word article into four articles. The first time I did that I ran into some serious problems. The articles were too short and readers felt cheated. One particular on jolted me to attention by using the most abusive language ou can think of to tell me how I had wasted their time with my catchy headline and no substance article.

Luckily, I soon figured out how to solve that one. Just make sure that you include a link to the next part of the article if you have posted the article at your blog. And if it is at an articles directory, simply make sure that the resource box directs readers where they can read the full set of articles (at your website or blog of course).

This gives you more articles that have a chance of being indexed and at the same time makes your readers not feel cheated by the short length of your articles.

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