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Monday, September 25, 2006

Duplicate Content Monster Continues To Wreck Havoc With Adsense Revenues

At one time there were even rumors doing the rounds that duplicate content did not exist. Some joke. I went from having close to 100,000 pages indexed by Google to a mere 28,000. And even then that 28,000 or so seemed to be dropping.

I can tell you for sure that duplicate content is no ghost, it exists. The intention behind it is good. Do you remember the instances where a search would bring s many similar pages that you would have to wade through the first 10 pages or not to start seeing anything close to what you were looking for?

That's fine, but what do I do with my Adsense revenue now? You can be sure that the traffic I was receiving from close to 100,000 indexed pages is definitely not the one I am receiving from almost 25 per cent of that.

So what have I done to avoid it?

The simplest solution is to write as many different original articles as possible. But that's very hard work isn't it? The answer is yes. But remember that the rewards are now bigger for the small site that gets more articles out there. This is because big sites can no longer use the dollar muscle to dominate the top positions with duplicate content re-posted all over the place.

Then there's this technique that I've used very effectively.

Read the second part of this four part article.

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