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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Best Internet Business Must Be Based On Relevant Ads

Have you ever wondered what an Internet business usually does to get the best conversion rate? Have you found it hard to believe that it is possible for the best Internet business to enjoy a conversion rate where out of every 10 visitors, one becomes a paying client? Or even better?

Actually it is not that difficult to enjoy such an excellent conversion rate. All you have to do is observe one simple rule that has the potential of transforming your Internet business into the best profit-generating machine you have ever imagined. It is all packed into one simple word. That word is, "relevance".

All you have to do is to carefully pick the most relevant affiliate programs to advertise on your site. The idea is to ensure that visitors to your best Internet business site do not feel like they are being advertised to. Rather they should embrace the affiliate ads displayed on your site as sources of the extra information and tools, which they are seeking.

That is how you get those crazy conversion rates where it looks like almost every visitor to your site is immediately converted to a paying customer. In fact this is the little secret behind the success of the best, most famous Internet business, Google. Their Adsense program greatly emphasizes relevance. Learn something from this giant that started out as a tiny business without any revenue and transform your obscure Internet business into the best that there is.

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