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Friday, April 21, 2006

Best Work At Home Business Affiliate Strategy To Quickly Increase Affiliate Earnings

The truth is that the best work at home business affiliates earning hefty monthly checks from their affiliate programs will hardly tell you their money-making secrets. Top work at home business affiliates will hardly be expected to spill the beans about all the best tricks and tips they use to earn serious cash.

So this best work at home business affiliate tip that you are about to read is a rare treat and you should ensure that you make the most of it.

It actually all starts with the sort of affiliate program that you join. You must ensure that the best work at home business affiliate scheme that you have joined pays you commission on your second tier and third tier sub affiliates.

Next you must appreciate that no matter how hard you work, you are only one individual best work at home business entrepreneur who can only do so much and no more. So it makes a lot of sense if you recruit as many sub affiliates under you as you possibly can. Because by hem each doing a little work, the impact for you can really be huge as we shall see later on in this article. In fact create a strategy to do just that – for recruiting sub affiliates only. In my main program there is actually a different affiliate link you get from your home page whose sole purpose is for you to use to recruit sub affiliates.

Let us do a little math here on what your best work at home business can achieve from this strategy. Go for a really high number of sub affiliates, but let us just say that you have only 50 sub affiliates registered in your program under you. My favorite program pays out $15 on sales achieved by first tier affiliates so let's say they manage just a single sale each month on average. That will earn you $750. Now if those 50 smart guys recruit another couple of guys each under them (your third tier affiliates) that can easily give you another 150 guys, whose work you will earn from. Actually the average is about 4 persons or more so you will tend to get many more third tier affiliates from just 50 sub affiliates, but for the sake of our math here, let us keep the figure low.

In my best work at home business affiliate program those third tier guys will earn me $10 for every sale they make, so that will give me $1,500. And if I add that to what I've earned from my first tier sub affiliates the total will be $2,250 without me lifting a finger.

Now imagine what you can do with just 500 sub-affiliates registered directly under you on such a work at home business best affiliate program? This is actually not too difficult to achieve.

In other words, it pays big to have a special strategy designed only to recruit sub-affiliates to your best work at home business affiliate program, and it should be worth a couple of thousand dollars to you every month for every 50 or so that you can recruit.

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