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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Top Internet Business Earns Affiliate $1.8 Million In One Year

What kind of money can one expect to generate from a top Internet business? The honest answer to that question may shock you. The answer is that there is no limit. There is no known ceiling yet to the income and revenue that a top Internet business can generate.

This is actually the top Internet business information that hype peddlers have used to great effect to get money out of people. In other words they have used the truth to peddle lies.

The truth is that fortunes are being quietly made on the net from many a top Internet business. One affiliate program known to this author recently paid out over $160,000 to their top affiliate in a single month. Just take an average of $150,000 a month and multiply this by 12 months and you get an affiliate income of a staggering $1.8 million a year.

After the bubble burst many folks put the idea firmly in their minds that there was no serious money to be made on the World Wide Web. Even with the emergence of many a top multi-billion dollar Internet business of the likes of Google Inc. in recent years, this mindset has not changed.

Deal with the facts only. Which are that there is no limit to what a top Internet business can earn – at least not as yet.

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