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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Internet Home Based Business: Technique To Quickly Achieve Better Than 1000 Mini-sites Linked To Your Web Site

One of the favorite tricks of the Internet home based business web site for many years has been to establish a couple of Mini sites that all pointed to the main site. This was always a well-loved technique for generating lots of very targeted traffic for any web site. And also as a SEO tactic.

In this day and age of the blog, this Internet home based business technique has been expanded into the blogosphere where people always set up literally hundreds of blogs all pointing at one main site or blog. For starters this is a Internet home based business technique that is frowned on by leading search engines who are who are dead serious bout finding ways to adjust their algorithms to ensure that this technique no longer works in enhancing a site's ranking in search engines.

It is not in your best interests for your Internet home based business site to upset major search engines. Besides there is no reason to do this when there is a much more effective technique than mini sites for driving loads of traffic to your Internet home based business web site or web blog.

Well-written useful promotional articles with resource boxes that contain information on your main site as well as links, is such a powerful way of directing targeted traffic to your web site that it beats establishing mini sites, hands down. Search engines love this technique, and good promotional articles quickly go viral. The result is that you start off with 20 Internet home based business promotional articles posted at one articles directory and soon end up with the same articles re-posted in hundreds or even thousands of other sites all over the web.

This has got to be one of the most powerful Internet home based business promotional techniques available.

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