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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Learn Everything I Know…

…and what I use to make a living online earning tens of thousands of dollars every month.

I write promotional articles that attract tons of traffics to my blogs where I make money from numerous different affiliate programs. I also write promotional articles as a web content provider for a number of clients.

Hi there,

My name is Christopher Kyalo and I earn a living doing only one thing online. I write.

I write promotional articles that attract tons of traffics to my blogs where I make money from numerous different affiliate programs. I also write promotional articles as a web content provider for a number of clients.

I am a very private person and I'll not reveal how much I earn from my online activities, but let me give you a rough idea by telling you a little about my life. I am married with two wonderful children. My first born daughter, Faith is 24 years old and has a son who is now 4 (yep, that makes me a grandfather at my rather tender age) My son McCoy is 15 years old now. Then there's my dear wife of over 20 years who is happy to be a housewife as well as an active member of our local church.
I support them all from my online income.

And I don't do it by combining a day job with my Internet business, I do it all through my online business. So you can be sure of at least one thing, that this is no hype peddler trying to sell you a bunch of theories. What you are about to read will shock you and has the power to change your life. No theories here because this is what I do every day. In fact the fact that you are reading this page is proof enough that I have a system for generating lots of traffic using ONLY articles that works.

Want further proof? Just Google me now, 'Christopher Kyalo' and see the results you come up with.

If you have some basic writing skills you should really be getting excited now. Maybe I should drop the bomb-shell now (rather than later) so that those who have no writing ability can stop reading right here. This offer here is strictly ONLY for people with proven writing skills. Before I even consider you to join my online ecourse I will have to see a sample of your writing. I am very strict about this because I have a reputation to protect. More on this later but for now, if you have reasonably good writing skills you can read on. If not, thank you very much and my sincere apologies for wasting your time and best wishes for your future success online. My prayer goes out to you that you may find it elsewhere. Believe me I would have liked to accommodate you, but this is not for you.
(An Idea you can consider: If you have a business you may consider sponsoring somebody who has writing skills as a way of benefiting your business if you are no writer yourself.)

As I was saying, this means that if you have some writing skills then you can generate literally as much free traffic as you want using the skills you'll receive from my online course in writing. Articles marketing is actually more effective than even PPC ads as you will find out as you progress with my e-course.

Let me summarize what you'll learn from my six month (24 lessons) course;

Learn how to do the following;

  • Generate thousands of hits daily to any web site or blog site using only promotional articles. This means you can sell anything successfully. If you intend to offer online writing services your problem will soon be having many more clients than you can handle. You'll be able to earn thousands of dollars in profits every month

  • How to generate articles and where to post them so that they will be better than thousands of mini sites that will be generating hits for you regularly for many years to come.

  • If you have basic writing skills then you have in your hands a free tool that you can use to generate huge traffic to your sites and make huge profits from whatever it is you sell

  • Learn how to write link-baiting articles that will generate hundreds and even thousands of links pointing at your site virtually overnight.

  • How a blog launched with only 3 articles managed to attract thousands of hits on a daily basis, thousands of dollars monthly from Adsense, and was able to make record sales of products from the high traffic. Learn the technique of how you can take any single article and create a different new article from it every 7 minutes, so that you end up with 20 quality keyword rich articles in 2 hours, (4 hours if you are a slow writer). Do you know what this means to your revenue generation ability? It means you can create a hundred blogs in no time at all and fill them all with plenty of content that attracts traffic from search engines.

  • Learn a simple technique for generating tons of traffic from search engines using popular keywords that would ordinarily be too competitive for your site.

  • Numerous other little tips that have taken this writer years of trial and error and countless courses to learn.

  • How to use your article writing skills to earn tons of cash from numerous affiliate programs.

My usual price for this intensive 6 month e-course is $299, but if you are able to send me the email of one friend whom you sincerely believe can benefit from this then it will cost you only $199. You will receive a lesson every week. Some practical things you will need to do to confirm that you have grasped the lesson and acquired the necessary skills will accompany each lesson.

Remember that all my course students will have the privilege to email me at any time for personal answers to queries on specific problems that they may be facing from their articles marketing campaign. And I have a guarantee, if the course proves to be of no benefit to you then I will give a full unconditional refund.

The beauty of all this is that this is a hands-on course, meaning that you can start using the skills you learn after reading lesson 1. Actually what you learn in lesson 1 alone is worth $299. By the time you get to lesson 6 most people should have recovered their investment in full and will already be in a profit situation. You really can't go wrong with this.

Here's how to order for the course;

a) Send me an email confirming your wish to order this ecourse at $199, subject to my approval of your writing sample.Email me Now.

b) On examining your sample, I will send you either a regret in which case you will not need to do anything further. Or an approval, which will mean that you can then send your $199 course fees together with the email and name of a friend whom you think, can benefit from this course. (If you do not have such a person in mind then you will need to send $299.) This will be via Paypal, details will be given to you in the approval email. There are some people who for various reasons do not have access to Paypal, don't worry about it we have various other options for you to send payment.

Don't waste another minute, Email me Now (attach a sample of your writing or with a link leading to it) confirming your wish to order for my e-course at $199, subject to my approval of your writing sample.

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