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Friday, April 14, 2006

Home Based Business In The Top Ten: What's So Special?

What can typically be found in virtually every home based business in the top ten list? What do they have in common?

It will surprise many to know that there is really very little magic about a home based business being in the top ten and it all has a lot more to do with the ability of the business to apply the basics. And to apply them well and consistently.

We also have some top ten basic principles that every business, including a home based one has to apply to see success online. One of these often ignored principles is that of constantly testing anything and everything on your site or blog. As the home based business owner tests, they then use the results to make adjustments constantly and that is how a simple venture gets itself into the top ten.

So if you own a home based business, your journey to the top ten starts with you going back to the basics and applying those principles constantly and consistently. Success and your place in the top ten will then be virtually guaranteed.

Testing for instance will enable you to quickly find the top ten best affiliate links and ads to carry in your home based business site or blog for maximum revenue and profits.

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