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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Make Money Fast With Articles

As I have often discussed elsewhere, before blogs came along, I was able to make money fast online without a web site and using only articles posted at other people's high traffic sites.

Key word rich articles posted at web sites and articles directories all over the World Wide Web are akin to having many high traffic mini sites pointing at your site. Using articles in this way is a license to print money and you can make a lot of money very fast.

When I used to make money fast without a web site, in the days that blogs had not yet arrived, the resource box that I used to include at the bottom of the article contained an invitation for the reader to subscribe to my email newsletter. In this way I was able to build up a huge opt-in email list which I used to promote a lot of things and was an excellent way for me to make money fast from my articles marketing campaign.

The other thing that I had in my resource box was simply my email address for anybody interested in content provision services to contact me directly. Many people did and I was able to make money fast in this way without having a web site.
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