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Monday, April 24, 2006

Quick Problem Solver 1 - Paying Bills Without Leaving Your Home

Do you need to pay your bill right away? Will any further delay put you at risk of incurring penalties or negative credit reporting?

Did you know that you can do it right away online using some of the oldest most trusted names in money transfer whom everybody recognizes instantly anywhere, anytime? And what's more you can handle a variety of bill payments including car payments and mortgage payments amongst a host of others.

Instead of worrying and agonizing over whether the check has arrived safely, you can now do the whole transaction, quickly and safely online. And what's more you'll have proof of on time payment.

Understandably, not everybody finds it easy to get out and post their bills. Bad weather, rising crime in many areas and a host of other reasons can make it difficult for some people to leave their home to pay bills.

Enjoy and benefit from the ease of paying from home.

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