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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Discover PPC Ads That Don't Require Cash Payment

There is no doubt that PPC (pay-per-click) ads are here to stay. Don't forget that they are the main basis of the colossal amounts of profits and loads of respect that Google Inc. has earned within its' very brief period of existence.

One of the main reasons why PPC ads are irresistible is because they pay for themselves and one requires only a small initial investment and a little skill in the use of keyword phrases. It is even better if you have additional skills in the area of creating catchy headlines that will attract a good number of clicks from the targeted market. Armed with this many people have built multi-million dollar online enterprises from scratch within a very short space of time.

But a new breed of online entrepreneurs are doing even better by using PPC ads that do not require any cash investment or any payment of sorts. The work and time one needs to put in creating them pay for these PPC ads. Admittedly the combination that works best is where folks combine these free PPC ads with similar types of PPC ads where only one initial payment is made.

The powerful free PPC ads I am talking about are of course promotional articles that have one way links pointing straight at your site. Just think about it for a moment Adsense PPC ads are really links you purchase that point to your site. Now the PPC ads that are promotional articles are even more powerful because of various reasons. The most obvious is the fact that done properly, they will tend to pre-sell your offer and will therefore receive a much higher response rate. Actually test after test by various online marketers has confirmed this fact.

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