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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Best Blog Adsense Affiliates Use The Viral Power Of Well Written Articles

Well written articles usually multiply virally all over the net and some of the best blog Adsense affiliates have been able to use this little secret to grow their blogs and earnings very quickly.

The first rule about the best blog articles going viral is that they must be well written and useful and this is the first thing many an Adsense affiliate makes sure of. Anything resembling a sales letter or blatantly self promoting articles will not work for anybody, not even the best blog Adsense affiliates.

Then the best blog Adsense affiliates usually post their better articles at leading article directories. The vast majority of article directories will do very little for you. But the best blog Adsense affiliates are aware of the single leading articles directory that has the traffic and ability to ensure that any articles posted has a major impact. Both in terms of driving traffic to a site and also causing the viral effect of getting re-posted on many other sites all over the World Wide Web.

In fact posting at this single articles directory is better than posting at 100 other sites (I have proved this through my own intensive tests with articles).
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