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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Google Adsense to Lose Leadership to Bill Gates And Company In 5 months 24 days

The following information is very important and very relevant to persons using articles to promote their sites, as you will see when you come to the end of it.

So far it looks like Google Adsense and the whole Google tribe are sitting pretty solid. One can even say that they are consolidating their position by finding new ways to make the whole Adsense experience more profitable to users. Amazingly this is not very different from what was happening at Netscape a couple of years ago as Bill Gates and company struggled to get into the Internet search engine game.

Never heard of Netscape? I don’t blame you because in about 4 years people might well be quipping "Never heard of Adsense?"

You see Bill Gates and company are pretty good at playing catch up. If they fail this time, it'll be the first time. Ladies and genetlemen, where do you want to place your bets?

Now so far I've just given a lot of hot air and no solid evidence behind my astounding prediction, so here goes. MSN’s secret weapon and Google’s soft underbelly is so obvious that you’re guaranteed to laugh the minute I mention it.

RSS feeds. They’re growing in importance and Microsoft is paying a lot more attention than Google is right now. Not to mention that Microsoft have the advantage of dominating software which appears to be a critical link to taking RSS feeds to the next level. Read Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer’s interesting remarks for yourself.

RSS feeds will dramatically reduce the power of search engines. Opps that’s not really accurate. Let’s try again. RSS feeds are already quietly reducing the power of search engines. Can you guess what the impact on Google’s main money spinning products would be if say their influence in the search engine arena dropped 50%?

Of course clever Google have got hundreds of thousands of sites across the net to fall back on. But that probably won’t account for much. One of the strange truths that has emerged about the search engine wars so far is that you’re either number one or you’re irrelevant. Maybe this is about to change but the point is that in the new order of things Google is not going to be number one?

My advice to all you publishes out there who are making tons of money from Adsense, keep you eyes very wide open indeed…

All this is also further evidence that having a non-search-engine-dependant method of generating regular traffic to your site will continue to grow in importance in the months to come. Don’t also forget that RSS feeds will continue to favor those with huge archives of valuable information.
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