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Monday, May 08, 2006

Best Online Affiliate Traffic Secrets

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The best online affiliates are those who figure out a way to generate significant traffic to their sites.

There is no doubt that some of the best online affiliates today are bloggers. Bloggers have proved to be really creative and resourceful when it comes to generating serious regular traffic to their sites.

It is really amazing how most bloggers have joined the ranks of the best online affiliates by using only articles marketing as their sole traffic generation tool. Ranging from link baiting articles to simple keyword rich articles posted at their blogs and also at leading article directories, bloggers have used content to generate huge traffic to their sites. Link-baiting articles, as the name suggests are articles that are created with the purpose of attracting as many inbound one way links as possible from other leading bloggers and sites.

It is just amazing what a good link-baiting article can achieve. One such article can actually generate thousands of high traffic links in a few short hours. This not only dramatically improves the position of the site in search engine rankings but it also creates huge regular traffic coming through those links for the best online affiliate.
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