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Monday, May 01, 2006

Richest Affiliate: How Much Do They Earn?

The truth of the matter is that many of the richest affiliates are quietly earning some amazing incomes online and will never go public about their earnings in 100 years.

Wouldn't most of us do exactly the same thing if we were the richest affiliate? Why go public on the huge earnings one is raking in as one of the richest affiliates in the world? Of course there are certain affiliate programs like Adsense (until recently) which forbids their affiliates, including the richest ones from revealing exactly how much they earn from their affiliate programs.

So how much do the richest affiliates earn? One popular reputable well know affiliate program has openly admitted that they recently paid their richest affiliate slightly in excess of $160,000 in a single month. This writer has seen an affiliate check from one of the richest online entrepreneurs being shown by a very reputable trusted source that was in excess of $900,000 for a month's activity.

Believe it or not, these are some of the figures that the richest affiliates are handling every month.

One of the aspects that has helped create super incomes for many of the richest affiliates, are affiliate programs where commissions are paid on second and third tier affiliates. What this means is that by recruiting say 10,000 affiliates on your second tier and having 50,000 on your third tier the richest of affiliates can easily earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every month from sales of sub affiliates under them. This is no pipe dream theory. Aggressive smart marketing can easily win the richest affiliate 10,000 sub affiliates under them. This is actually very easy to achieve for a site receiving about 100,000 hits a day on average. Then assuming that each of the 10,000 affiliates on average attract about 5 sub affiliates under them – which will be your third tier, you will quickly end up with this sort of structure that can best be described as a money making machine.

This is one of the more popular strategies employed by the richest affiliates on the net to earn their fantastic monthly incomes.
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