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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Top Blog Adsense Affiliates: How Many Blogs Do They Own?

Ask any top blog Adsense affiliate and they will tell you that Adsense earnings can fluctuate quite wildly from day to day.

This is actually the main reason why it makes plenty of sense for a top blog Adsense affiliate to have several blogs all competing with each other in Adsense earnings. That is how som,ebody ends up with a sizeable income from Adsense at the end of the month.

One of the leading bloggers who was amongst the first to reveal that they were on course to making a million dollars annually from their Adsense earnings actually owned almost 100 blogs and retained a number of bloggers to help write and run them. This blogger has since sold his network of blogs to AOL. But the point here is that's how this top blog Adsense affiliate made their huge figures from the Google Adsense program. And they are really not an exception. Many of the other top earners use a very similar strategy.

For any top blog Adsense affiliate to use this strategy, they usually hire writers and other bl;oggers to help them generate quality content. One top blog Adsense affiliate even had the ingenious idea of paying his writers a certain percentage from the Adsense earnings their writing generated at his sites. Naturally he was able to attract many quality writers without any cash huge cash investment up-front.

That is another common trend amongst these top blog Adsense affiliates, they're quite creative.
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