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Monday, May 08, 2006

Top Online Affiliates All Have Traffic Secret Weapons

Anybody who cares to investigate will quickly find that all top online affiliates tend to have a secret weapon for generating traffic. It is hardly surprising that they will hardly tend to discuss this secret strategy or want to reveal it.

Still, many a top online affiliate is able to use their secret weapon to get loads of traffic to their web site or blog site and this is then quickly translated into their high income.

Let us look at a few examples of traffic secret weapons used by some top online
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affiliates. Some top online affiliates are able to get reasonable high traffic through their content and by targeting high traffic keyword phrases. They then multiply this traffic further by joining a number of carefully selected banner exchange sites.

Another traffic secret weapon used by top online affiliates is one that I have talked a lot about in my articles. This is link-baiting articles or posts that encourage or provoke other bloggers or sites to rapidly link to the site.

Yet another top online affiliate traffic secret weapon is the posting of large volumes of articles at a specific articles directory that tends to attract the highest number of hits and also provides the best opportunity for any article to go crazily viral. That means an article getting re-posted all over the place complete with links pointing at your site that you have placed in the resource box.

Pick your favored secret weapon, learn all you can about it and then start working it extensively as you copy the top online affiliates to huge online success.
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