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Monday, May 01, 2006

Richest Adsense Affiliate High Earning Secrets

One of the richest Adsense affiliates who has since sold their network of high earning niche blogs to AOL for an undisclosed sum, proclaimed some time back that he was well on course to raking in a million dollars from their Adsense affiliate program.

In the post where this affiliate made their proclamation, there were all sorts of comments and messages that followed. Many of them had questions for one of the richest Adsense Affiliates to ever go public about their earnings.

What emerged is that the richest Adsense affiliate had gone as far as hiring a number of bloggers to help him churn out a huge volume of valuable posts and information for their blogs. Good information usually means more page views and ultimately more Adsense clicks and this is a secret that the richest Adsense affiliate had made full use of.

The other really amazing piece of information that came out of the richest Adsense affiliate is the fact that he had sold all his best ad positions on his blogs by the time he joined the Adsense ffiliate program. That meant that the space left for Adsense ads was both limited and usually not the best of positions. This underlines an important truth. What matters most in Adsense is the traffic and resultant page views. If it is very high then, the clicks will inevitably result, no matter what position you have placed your Adsense ads.

With enough traffic becoming one of the richest Adsense affiliates is not that hard.
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