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Monday, July 10, 2006

Are You Leaving Cash On The Table Using High Traffic Techniques At Your Low Traffic Blog?

By far the biggest hindrance to low traffic blog sites and web sites making money is site owners insisting on using high traffic techniques and tactics and expecting them to work with heir low traffic blogs.

This is a big mistake. The way to succeed in this life is to take advantage of what you have. A low traffic small blog should take every advantage of being small and having low traffic. What are the advantages of having low traffic? Well for starters, you can give a much more personalized service than a big site receiving thousands of visitors daily. Personalization leads to you quickly understanding the clients you are targeting and it becomes much easier to make a sale.

I have made sales worth thousands of dollars by resisting the temptation to use auto responders like large high traffic sites do and have answered queries personally addressing the exact needs and requirements of the prospect. I have even used my regular email to recruit people into opt-in email lists. I strike up a conversation and get to know my prospects better and because they start to trust me a little, they have no problem joining my opt-in email list.

There are numerous other ways in which small low traffic sites lose money and potential clients by behaving as if they were or Ebay. One day your site will get that big, but meanwhile be yourself, think small, face reality and start making some money for a change.

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