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Monday, July 10, 2006

Low Blog Traffic: How To Create Your Own Unique Product And Make Serious Money

It is important to realize one very important simple truth about your current low blog traffic. And that is the fact that the few people who are already arriving at your site and spending five minutes or more, are folks who are already very interested in what you have to say.

These are your prime prospects. They are basically people who like what they see at your low traffic blog and would like more of what you are offering. A good number of them would be prepared to pay a little money to get more of what you have on your site. Meaning that if you created a product based on what people visiting your site want or are desperately looking for, chances are that you would sell like crazy. This is because you already have the perfect, most highly targeted prospects, chances of selling suddenly become extremely high. In other words the rate at which you will be able to convert prospects into customers should be pretty high. What this also means is that you do not need high traffic and a large number of prospects to start converting traffic into clients at your blog.

For example you can create Special reports or email courses for sale and advertise them prominently at your site. Alternatively you can sell a service that your are sure your low traffic blog prospects will be interested in.

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