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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How Blogs Can Thrive On The Advantages Of Being Small

Small is beautiful, they say, and this can be applied to traffic as well. I know you are probably reading this and wondering what advantage there can surely be in having small low traffic.

Actually there are many advantages. Most of them revolve around the fact that a great huge site or blog looks at its' visitors as a number. Actually a great big statistic that they strive to handle and manage. There is no way they can give the sort of personalized service that a small tiny blog with a handful of visitors can.

Being small means that you can get to know your visitors much better and find a way of keeping in touch so that they can visit again and again. Also by getting to know your visitors better, you will be able to focus your content on small, tiny little subjects of interest to them in great detail. Not only will your visitors be delighted at this, but the fact is that you will be churning our information that cannot possibly be found anywhere else on the web. That means that this information will be extremely valuable and can easily be repackaged and sold for a handsome price.

Personal contact and you being on first-name terms with your visitors also means that getting referrals from them will be a lot easier. This means that growing your laser-targeted and focused traffic will be a breeze.

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