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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Email Forwards: Source Of Valuable Traffic That Low Traffic Bloggers Never Talk About

At this blog where I was focusing on reader comments to generate content and posts, I noticed an interesting development when I studied my steadily growing daily traffic figures in more detail.

I was getting increasingly high traffic from emails. That is visitors who were clicking through on a link to my site that had been emailed to them by somebody. The wonderful system I use to track traffic to my low traffic blog is able to give me this sort of information.

This is a source of traffic for blogs that is not talked about much. But it has become clear to me that any blogger can actively promote and provoke email forwards that will have a high impact on their traffic by multiplying the number of targeted visitors the low traffic site receives.

To start with people will not forward a link to just any other article or blog post. They will tend to favor articles that are not only unique but particularly relevant to their current situation and recent experiences. That is why basing content on reader comments is such a powerful marketing strategy for any blog.

And once again, this is the sort of strategy that only low traffic sites with fewer comments can accomplish successfully.

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