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Thursday, July 13, 2006

NFL Low Traffic Blog Success Tactics: Thousands Of Search Engine Approved Mini Sites Pointing At Your Site

Here is one very effective tactic that a small low traffic blog can use to compete against bigger blogs that already enjoy much higher traffic. It is a move that is similar to that of a smaller player in the NFL moving at blinding speed, catching opponents unawares and leaving the bigger, heavier opponents in the dust. It is virtually the same as establishing hundreds and even thousands of small mini sites with links pointing you, only that it is even more effective and acceptable to search engines.

You will already know that search engine frown upon mini-sites because many times you will find that those small referral sites have little or nothing in terms of content and are just designed to provide links pointing at the target site.

However in this case all a low traffic site owner needs to do to have a similar effect, but one that is very acceptable to search engines, is to post articles at various high traffic article directories. Complete with links within the resource box pointing straight at their site.

If the article is well written and useful it will end up getting re-posted all over the net complete with your resource box intact. Naturally this will multiply the number of links pointing at your site and this will happen virally and rapidly.

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