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Monday, July 10, 2006

How The Adsense Ads On Your Low Traffic Blog Can Lead You To A Fortune

If you already have Google Adsense ads on your low traffic blog, you can use them to earn some serious money for yourself.

What you need to do is to identify the most relevant Google Adsense ads as far as your traffic and blog audience are concerned. Be very careful not to forget and click on the Adsense ads on your own site because that could easily get you banned and your Adsense account cancelled. Simply make a note of the url and open a new window and paste it there to visit the sites.

The Adsense ads will essentially give you product and service ideas that you can use to start generating revenue from your low traffic blog or web site.

When a blog has low traffic, chances of generating revenue from regular affiliate programs are virtually nil. In my other articles I talk about specific affiliate programs that are best suited to low traffic sites. But for now let us focus on the fact that you will be better off selling your own highly targeted products or services to your limited blog traffic. Chances of you generating some revenue in this way are much higher.

You will need to handle inquires in a very personalized manner as this is what will help you most in converting as many of your prospects as possible into clients.

Do you have a low traffic site? You don't need to wait to build up high traffic to earn from your site. Get Big Money from your low traffic site right away even as you work on building your traffic. Email me now for a personal reply, Free Special Report and a valuable free online course.


Faraz Ahmed said...

You have really tapped into a really big niche. People who have low traffic sites.
And i am one of those. Would like to know how to earn money from my low traffic blog.

faraz ahmed
author of Self improvement & Spirituality blog

Indigo Black said...

Hello, visited here from Ezinearticles. Just wanted to say that I liked your series of short articles and what you had to say struck home. I really liked the advice of personalizing communication. People trust the people behind the websites and personalizing correspondance does go a long way towards helping them (visitors) get to know you (the webmaster). Thanks for sharing the info.