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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Web Is A Small Village With Hyper Competition, That's Why Your Blog Should Focus On Niches, Not High Traffic

Actually when you really think about it deeply never has there been a time in history when businesses have needed to be so specialized, focusing and targeting on such small market niches to survive. The reason is really simple. The world has been reduced to a small village where hyper competition rules. Geographical borders and distances that once protected businesses are all gone in the commercial world.

So does it make sense for everybody and every blog and web site to go out there and strive to land high general traffic in such a competitive global market place? Does it not make much better sense to seek to be a big fish in a small bowl than a tiny fish in a huge shark-infested ocean?

The sun is millions of times hotter and more powerful than a laser beam and yet it cannot cut through a diamond the way a laser beam can. The reason is simple. The sun spreads its' energy over a very vast space and area. A laser beam is nothing more than laser-focused energy.

It is important for small blogs and other low traffic sites to learn this important lesson. If you are not Ebay or it is the key to your survival.

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