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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Small, Low Traffic Can Be Highly Profitable

There are many offline bricks and mortar businesses that thrive with just a handful of clients. There is even the sort of business that will achieve record sales and success by landing only one or two clients in an entire year. Take as an example a successful entrepreneur who carries out specific highly specialized training programs in large Fortune 500 companies.

To land a single client or two, this particular entrepreneur will need to target a handful of companies at the most. In the particular case I am familiar with, contact will be made with about 5 carefully chosen companies to land enough business for the entire year.

The Internet makes it even easier to target specific small, tiny market niches and still thrive. Why is it then that many people do not believe that a low traffic blog or a low traffic site can greatly thrive and prosper? Why is it that many bloggers and webmasters still insist on blindly using tactics and techniques best suited for high traffic sites that require hundreds of thousands of hits to make enough cash to keep going? Surely we do not expect high traffic web site or blog techniques to work equally well with tiny low traffic sites. Actually the behavior of most site owners clearly shows that we do.

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