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Friday, May 21, 2010

Free content for your website: How to adjust your landing page and improve response overnight

Many online entrepreneurs usually agonize over the content on their website landing pages for hours at a time wondering what they can possible change to improve on response and save their online businesses. Those who monitor traffic to these landing pages usually notice that as time elapses the percentage of people landing on their sales pages that are converted to actual paying customers diminishes rapidly.

The result is reduced response and the nagging problem of what can be done to turn around the situation. Actually the answer is usually staring at them right in the face. Or shall I say the answer is usually lying around (somewhere they have easy access to) very idle?

That’s right. The answer to all their problems is right in their own email accounts. This is usually in the form of emails written to them by prospects and clients raising various questions that were not adequately covered or answered on the landing page. Bear in mind that out of every one person who writes in raising these questions, many more simply moved on with the unanswered questions choosing to take their business elsewhere.

And so by simply updating your landing page and site so that your produce content based on those email questions and the answers you gave, you will be providing the answers that have prevented many people from placing their orders and have caused them to hesitate before acting.

This single move using free content generated from your own email address has the potential of dramatically improving on the response that you are currently getting from your website landing page.

Free website content and especially 200 articles right away easily and many more later with the information in this free email newsletter and maybe a little more from this paid email course.

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