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Friday, May 21, 2010

Free content for website: How to create instant articles from SMS, Facebook and Twitter messages

It would seem that the busy world has gone crazy over short messages. But the point is that you can take advantage of this to source lots of free appropriate content for your website or blog.

Remember that short messages are usually designed to draw attention to something using very few words. If the initial message, say on Facebook or Twitter has the desired effect then what will follow is some kind of “conversation” between many people over the usually hot topic. What different people had to say could easily be different paragraphs of the same article.

This is ideal material for content in your site because you are already sure that folks are very interested and passionate about the topic you are writing about. This is very important because there are times that a single article online has gone virally crazy and spread rapidly across the web being read by millions of people. This is not easy to accomplish but it is a good idea for you as a site owner to always strive to generate an article that has potential to go viral. Even if you create a single viral article in your lifetime, chances are that it will be enough to change your life. And that is why it is not such a bad idea to be on a constant look out for topics that could create viral articles.

Even simple SMS questions from your clients can turn into helpful articles for your websites. You can start the article with the question that your client posed explaining it in much more detail than any SMS is capable of doing it. The rest of the article can then be the detailed answer to that question.

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