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Friday, May 21, 2010

Free website content that is better than your competitor’s. GUARANTEED!!

What most folks are yet to fully appreciate is that the real competition for search engine traffic is for the website that produces the best and most useful content. Should be pretty obvious if you think about what you do every day when searching for information online. You will click through to a couple of sites and then decide which one has the most relevant, best quality content and information. And that is where you will settle.

And so it is not enough just to have relevant content. It has to be better than what all the others have. How do you accomplish this?

Start by identifying the best content on the web in your industry. Take a very close at it and then improve on it. There are many ways to improve on it. The most obvious is to add more information. Then make an effort to make it as interesting as possible. Color your article with fascinating anecdotes. It will also be useful for you to refer your readers to more information elsewhere even if it is not on your site.

Now many site owners will have a problem with this. But I am here to tell you that you will rank higher in Google search results if you have plenty of links on your site pointing to other sites with more information on the same subject. This improves the user experience because they are easily able to move onto more information without going back to do another search or move to the next site in the results. Google always rewards sites that improve the user experience.

You should always actively look for ways to compare your content to what the competition has and to improve on it constantly. This is how free web content will pay huge dividends for you.

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