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Friday, May 21, 2010

Free web content: How to recycle your current articles endlessly

With the necessary skills, if you already have at least 50 pages of content on your site, you should never run out of content again. You can actually recycle your existing free web content endlessly.

Re-write each article from a different angle
Take an existing article and re-write it from a different angle. If it ends up looking fairly similar to the original article, then you should only post it in article directories pointing back to your site. In this way you will be increasing the number of links pointing to your site and thus increasing traffic both from the article directories and search engines. But some articles you re-write will look very different and can qualify to be put up on your site as fresh new content. Actually if you are the one who wrote all your previous content you will find that your re-writing effort will produce much better quality content than the originals.

Assuming you had 50 articles to re-write by the time you reach number 50 you will have 100 articles and you can start the whole process all over again. Remember that you should have an open mind even as you re-write your web content for brand new article ideas. And you can be sure that they will come. When I indulge in this kind of activity I usually find that out of every 50 articles I get at least 20 great new ideas for fresh articles. This means that I end up with 120 articles at the end of the exercise instead of 100.

Update your most popular articles
Another technique for effectively recycling the free web content on your site is to start with your most popular articles and just update them with new information and new thoughts that you should now have. Actually you are bound to have plenty of new things to say many months or even a handful of years after you first wrote the articles.

Write shorter versions of your long articles
Take your really long articles and write shorter versions of them and you have fresh brand new articles. In some instances more people will read the shorter version than those who had the patience to go through your really long article.

Write longer articles from your short articles
Read through any short piece on your website and chances are that you will have plenty to add now, some weeks or months later. The result should be a much longer article with a lot more detail on it.

Using these simple techniques, there is no reason why you should ever run out of articles and free website content on your site.

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