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Friday, May 21, 2010

Free content for my website: How blog comments can revolutionize your articles

One of the reasons why many folks just love blogs is because of their interactive nature. Somebody writes a post then a whole lot of people write comments usually greatly enriching the post in the process because they touch on various interesting points some of which were either omitted in the main post or not covered in a detailed enough way.

Comments also give you n instant feedback from the market concerning a new product for instance or a new idea or even an old one. You get to know what people are thinking. It is like doing market research amongst your prospects. The result is very valuable information that smart site owners can use to greatly improve on the quality of free content they are churning out for their websites.

There was this recent case where I got access to the comments on a website about skin care and the material from the comments produced the best and most useful articles. The articles were even better than the ones that came straight out of the client’s email account.

Ignore blog comments at your own peril

Admittedly there are some people who avoid reading blog comments as much as possible. And with good reason too. In blogs that have limited moderation some of the comments can be abusive and vulgar. But this does not happen in some of the best blogs. And even where it does, you can easily skip the offending comments and concentrate your efforts on the comments loaded with valuable information and useful points. These can be used to generate lots of useful free content for your website articles.

Endless free blog content and especially 200 articles right away.

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