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Friday, May 21, 2010

Free content for your website: Increasing the speed with which your articles are churned out

For you to be able to churn out free content for your website in large quantities all by yourself, you will need to apply a lot of speed in generating the articles. And you will need to do this without compromising on the quality of your articles.

Contrary to what many people think, low quality articles even with the right keyword phrases are useless and will not get you or your site very far. So quality has to remain high at all costs despite the high speed with which you will be producing the free articles for your website.

List the points
When writing articles, a lot of time is usually lost thinking and staring at the blank screen in front of you. The best way to solve this time wasting problem is to quickly list the points of your articles before you start writing. There is no harm in adding more points later when you have started writing. But at least you will start every article with a substantial skeleton of what you want to write.

Quickly expand on the points
After carefully listing your main points, it then becomes a simple exercise of expanding on them by adding a few more sentences to each point which should serve as the first sentence of the paragraph.

Add a brief introduction
Once your other paragraphs are written, write an introduction. There are several techniques for writing introductions. You could start with the question that the rest of the article answers. Or you could say the most important thing the article says. Still another option is to summarize the contents of the article in your introduction paragraph. Just see what works out best for you and the particular article that you are writing.

Create a conclusion
See if your article really needs a conclusion. Many articles do not need one and since we are talking about speed in churning out useful well written content here, do not waste time writing a conclusion that is not necessary.

Get paragraphs from articles you have already written
You can save a lot of time by cutting paragraphs form articles that you have already written and pasting them where you want to write a new article. It is then very easy to grow that paragraph and expand it into a whole article.

Break a long article into two, three or more articles
Yet another effective technique for writing more content quickly is to break a really long article into two or more separate articles with different headlines or titles. Alternatively you can have Part One and part two of the same article with the same title.

Use these ideas to generate more and more free website content for your site.

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