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Friday, May 21, 2010

Free website content: Do articles from directories work anymore? Part 2

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A clever strategy for many SEO experts is to study a site that is ranked highly and then try to copy what those sites do to get so successful. Take a close look at highly ranked sites and you will notice that virtually all of them have a very high number of links pointing to other sites. Let me give an example of a site that is ranked very highly and is exclusively made up of links pointing to other sites, billions of them in fact. I am talking about a site that receives over 100 million hits daily. That site is

So if you want your free content from article directories to help you get lots of traffic from search engines, then always make sure that you leave all the links intact. The more relevant links you have on your site pointing away from your website or blog the better.

Are there techniques to make free content from article directories more effective?.
There are many things you can do to maximize on the effectiveness of free content from article directories. I have already said in the first part of this article that it is a big mistake to break the rules and leave out the hyperlinks pointing to other sites.

Also choose articles that already have the right keyword phrases. Remember that you are NOT allowed to change the articles from article directories in any way and so you will have to use the article exactly as it is. When you use articles with the right keyword phrases you will find that your article has a lot more presence in search engine results for various keyword phrases.

Content from article directories is still very useful for websites and if you don’t use it then you should start because you are missing out on something really big. However for maximum impact it is important to combine it with your own original web content and if you are smart you can get plenty of it absolutely free.

Looking for a source of Free web content to add impact to the article directory content you are using on your site?

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