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Friday, May 21, 2010

Free web content: Effective online writing

Writing for the web is very different and to generate effective free web content, you need to understand this and master the rules of writing for the World Wide Web.

Make it easy for somebody to scan through your article in a few seconds
Always remember that folks are in a terrible hurry online. They don’t have the patience to try and figure out your article. And so if you want to get read make every effort to simplify things. You will have seen many articles on the webs with numerous subheadings in bold type all through the article. This makes it possible for somebody to quickly scan through the article and still grasp all the main points. You can be sure that the articles that you write in this way will attract much more readership.

Be brief but detailed
Pack in as much valuable information in each paragraph that you write. Close to 80 per cent of the people who visit most websites land there from search engines. That is a big number and all these folks are hungrily looking for information. Not long empty prose that says very little or nothing. And folks tend to have the memory of an elephant when they get disappointed. This means that they will avoid your site if they arrived there once and failed to find what they were desperately looking for. They will remember how your site looked like. (Now you can guess why re-designing a website usually has an immediate positive impact for most. It’s because folks can’t remember the evil done to them.)

Color your articles with plenty of anecdotes
The web is a very colorful place with plenty of photographs, graphics and videos. And so it will help if the writing is as colorful as the surroundings. That means using plenty of anecdotes and captivating examples to illustrate your points. Remember that getting readers to your site is only half the job. The other half is getting them to read and appreciate the information you have. Remember that the longer they spend on your site the higher the chances that they will end up buying something.

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