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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

100 Articles From A Freelance Web Site Writer Will Give You Tons Of Traffic

It is amazing what just 100 keyword-rich articles from a low cost freelance web site writer (or even written by yourself) can do for your traffic and visibility.

But before we look into how exactly you can easily obtain 100 keyword rich articles, let us examine what kind of impact one should expect from 100 articles.

Assuming that you also post the same articles at a leading articles directory that has high traffic, the result will be some good immediate traffic. It is possible for the articles to generate up to 10 hits each per day for you. That would give you 1000 hits per day. But let me be honest with you, from my experience, although this happens sometimes, on average it is on the high side. A few topics can still generate that kind of result, it actually depends on a number of factors.

However on the low side, an average of 3 hits a day per article within the first two weeks or so of your posting the articles is not unrealistic. That would give you an additional 300 hits per day.

Over the long term, depending on the keywords used, the articles can generate even more traffic for you, as they get indexed by search engines and start to pop up every time somebody searches for that particular keyword. The really wonderful thing about articles is that once they've been done, they will continue to generate loads of traffic for you on a regular basis and on autopilot. Meaning that you do not need to do anything more.

The ideal situation would be for you to get your articles done 100 at a time as you analyze the results and use the income earned to reinvest in even more articles. By the time you have about 2,000 done, you will find that you have very heavy traffic trooping to your site on autopilot.

How To get 100 Articles Written Up On Your Site
The easiest and cheapest way to get your 100 articles is to write them yourself. Simply research the keywords and come up with a number of ideas for articles that would be of great interest to your would-clients.

You can then set a target for yourself of how many articles you want to write every day. By doing 5 daily, it will take you 20 days to get your 100 articles. But if you really stretch yourself and opt to do 10 daily, it will take only 10 days to complete the lot.

Of course the easiest option here is to get somebody else like a low cost freelance web site writer to do them for you. There are a number of experienced SEO writers who can get them done for you at only $5 per article or even less.

There is an excellent SEO writer available who charges dirt-cheap rates for quality articles. His rates are as follows;
- 1-15 articles: $20 @ article
- 16 – 99 articles: $9 @ article
- 100 articles or more: $4.50 @ article
He charges an additional $50 to post them at the high traffic articles directory for you, but if you order at least 100 articles, he will post them FREE for you.

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