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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Increased Sales From Your Current Web Site Traffic: How To Achieve It Effortlessly

It is quite possible that you may be making the mistake of working for increased web site traffic when what you should actually be doing is to first find ways to increase your sales from your current low traffic.

At the very least it is still a good idea for you to work on increasing the sales and profitability of your current traffic even as you seek ways to increase traffic.

The following simple rule is either unknown to most site owners or they just choose to ignore it. The fastest and easiest way to increasing sales is by improving your conversion rate. Conversion rate simply means the number of leads or visitors to your site that you are able to turn into paying customers or clients. The way to improve your conversion rate instantly online is to improve the quality of your leads/visitors to your site. The more tightly targeted they are, the better the conversion rate and the more sales that you will make.

One excellent way to improve the quality of your traffic is to launch a blog and feed interesting articles with the right keyword phrases to that blog on a regular basis. To launch your blog you can start with 100 articles and then ensure that you also post them at the most popular high traffic articles directory in the world. The results will shock you. Your blog will receive massive, tightly targeted traffic of a much higher quality than what you would expect from search engines or pay per click (ppc) ads. Now all you will have to do is place relevant links all over the place pointing to your web site.

How can you get 100 articles? You can write them yourself. It is easier than you think and it just requires a little planning. Purpose to write 5 articles a day and in 20 short days, you will have your 100 articles.

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