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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Get Increased Targeted Web Site Traffic Using A Special Kind Of Article

Increased more tightly targeted traffic at your web site can have a much bigger impact on your revenue and profits than just increased traffic. The facts is that so many webmasters and site owners waste resources and bandwidth attracting traffic that is just too general for them and curious more than anything else.

Curious traffic will not increase sales at your web site. But targeted traffic, that is even less in number will increase your sales and profits quickly and dramatically.

Here is what has to be one of the most effective ways of quickly improving the quality of traffic to your site.

Start by making a list of some of the biggest problems facing your target audience. Choose the most pressing one and write a detailed special article of not less than 3000 words that will help them solve or even reduce on the problem. This is what is often called a special report. Some people compile an excellent special report by picking out several posts and articles on their sites, putting them together and making just a few changes and editing. Check if this can work in your case.

Give your special report a catchy, powerful headline and then offer it free via email at your site and anywhere else that you can. Within a very short space of time, you will have built a sizeable opt in email list of your target audience. Do not stop. Even as you move to the next step, keep on building on the size of your precious opt in email list.

You can then find creative ways to keep them notified of new developments and new posts at your site so that you encourage repeat visits as much as possible. You can even go a little further and offer them incentives to tell their friends about your site. That is how you build targeted traffic that will improve your revenue and profits, quickly and efficiently.

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Anonymous said...

it is good but cud u jsut give me an example

Joel Gray said...

When promoting your site, make sure to advertise on your niche. You can also subscribe to blog directories to increase your site traffic.