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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Get Instant Massive Blog Site Traffic: 7 Ways To Comment Without Spamming

Leaving comments at other blogs has been known to yield instant massive traffic for many sites. Take careful note of the fact that I am NOT talking about spaming blogs with your selfishly irrelevant comments.

Here are seven courteous, ethical and legal ways to leave comments at other blogs and in the process create sudden massive traffic to your own blog as well as creating valuable links that will improve your ranking with major search engines.

a) Comment without a single link at sites
You can comfortably make comments at blogs (the vast majority of blogs out there are blogs anyway) and interested persons will still be able to find you and your blog. All you have to do is to update your profile so that when people click on your name, they will arrive on your profile page and be able to see what you want them to see. You don't even need to have a blog. You can stay at Wordpress or wherever else it is that your blog is hosted and then simply register at to make comments only. There is a saying to the effect that to catch fish, you must conceal the hook. This is powerfully illustrated by the fact that in many cases you will find that people are much more likely to look for you when there is no link available rather than when you have a link prominently displayed next to your comment (hook clearly displayed so most people avoid it as fast as a fish that sees a harmful hook sticking in front of it)

b) Offer genuine friendship and help as a clever, invisible way to link to your own blog.
When you come across a blog you really like or a post that you love, then this is the perfect opportunity to make friends. Leave a comment saying why you are so impressed and then add the fact that you have recommended their blog and the post you like in particular at your blog. Naturally you will need to tell them where to find the post. So linking to it in this case should be acceptable. What you will have done here is exchange reciprocal links which some people say are not as effective as one-way links but always omit to mention that they are much, much better than nothing where search engines are concerned and anyway they will get you massive amounts of traffic.

c) Use by the by-the-way method
Where you are absolutely sure that the information you have at your site will really be of great value to readers, then you can summarize the contents in your comment and sign off and then create another comment starting with the words "by the way for those interested in reading this article in full, you will find it at…." or something to that effect followed by the address to the particular page address where the article will be found. This allows the site owner to leave your original comment intact and delete your comment that contains a link to your site. In most cases, because of your courtesy, they will leave both comments in place. A word of caution here is in order. Please be very careful in ensuring that what you are saying is very, very relevant to the original post you are commenting on. The minute somebody labels you a spammer, all the good work will have been flushed down the toilet, so to speak.

d) Quote from the directory article and not your site.
I make it a habit to post all my great articles at a popular articles directory. Many times I have found that where my site does not rank highly with search engines for keywords in a particular article, the same article at this articles directory will rank at the very top. Which is not too bad because the article will always have a resource box at the bottom that links back directly to my site, so a good percentage of those readers will still end up at my site. Sometimes when making a comment I will quote extensively from an article I have posted at this articles directory and because I will say quite clearly that the article is at such and such articles directory, if I am very relevant, nobody will accuse me of spamming (note that again the hook is well hidden).

e) Concentrate on one subject at a time
Remember that as you make comments at other blogs, you are contributing to the value of the content at those other sites. So the more valuable your tips and information, the better. The more insightful your observations, the more you will attract attention to yourself, which is what your objective in the first place is. To be able to make quality contributions, it helps a great deal if you concentrate on one subject at a time. Which is why the best way to find other posts to comment at is to use keywords from an article that you have just written and use the Google blog search tool or the search tool within

f) Use your comments to create more articles at your blog
Your time online is very valuable and visiting other blogs to read and then post a comment is admittedly a very time consuming exercise. To make the most of it, it is a good idea to cop all your comments to a word file and then use them later to create brand new articles and posts. Other people's posts will also give you brilliant ideas for new articles at your blog, so you should also take careful note of them. After a while this will be a fun exercise that also contributes in a very big way to the quality of your content at your own site or blog.

Where appropriate, return again to the blog where you got the idea and thank the blogger while linking back to your article in your blog.

g) When you disagree create an article at your blog and link.
When you disagree with a certain point of view at another blog, be sure to create a detailed article explaining your position in great detail. You can then go back to the blog whose view you don't agree with and summarize your article and leave a second comment that links back to your article. Nobody will accuse of spam for this and it is the sort of thing that will create buzz and cause dozens and maybe even hundreds of other bloggers to quickly link to you. Folks love controversies.

Use these 7 methods of leave useful, insightful comments at other blogs and watch with delight as you gain instant massive blog site traffic.

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