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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Marketing With Blog Articles: The Two Most Effective Techniques

Many folks are only just beginning to appreciate the power of blogs as marketing weapons and the key to unlocking it all has to be with articles rather than banners.

Why are blogs so powerful? Actually there are several reasons, the key one has to be the fact that blogs get read a lot and even where people do not visit them directly there are RSS feeds, which are widely popular. Then there are also many folks who opt to receive new pages of blog posts from their favorite blogs via email.

The fact is that you can hardly go wrong with a marketing plan that involves blogs.

Blog Articles Marketing Technique Number One: The Link Bait Strategy
You will know that no serious online marketing strategy will work without links. The idea is to generate plenty of links pointing back to your site. That is how you build traffic, and that is how you optimize your site for search engines. Blogs have proved to be very effective here because somehow it is the most natural thing for one blog to quickly link to another.

It is fairly simple to get as many interesting articles written up about your site and then post those articles at a blog. To promote them and make them even more visible you can also post the same articles at a leading articles directory. The impact will amaze you. Within a very short time quite a number of sites will pick up the articles and re-post them at their sites and the deal is that they must retain your resource box which will have a link or two pointing back to your site.

From my experience, although this technique will improve your position and ranking with leading search engines gradually over time, the most immediate effect here is that your traffic will tend to rapidly grow in leaps and bounds.

If you are looking for massive traffic through search engine optimization then articles marketing technique number two will tend to be much more effective and will work much quicker.

Blog Articles Marketing Technique Number Two: Building Back Links From Thousands Of High Ranking Blogs
This is no doubt the fastest way to boost your search rankings with back links. Use a certain respectable SEO organization to create buzz and links from thousands of leading blogs. The site simply distributes your press release amongst these blogs and they write about your site or offer in their own words and link back. Unlike banner ads that hardly get seen, these links in many high profile blogs have been known to build up immediate traffic at a tremendous rate. Over the long term the boost in search rankings increases the traffic directly from search engines, enormously.

All you have to do now is choose which article marketing technique suits you best and you will be ready to unleash the sheer power of blogs to work for you.

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