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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Purchasing Web Site Traffic: Pros And Cons

Most people know that search engines frown upon purchased web site traffic. But very few people know that well over 90 per cent of the top ranking web sites purchase their traffic in one way or another.

Search engines themselves sell traffic via services like Adwords and other pay per click ad programs. N closer examination you realize that there is actually a very thin line, if any that divides unethical purchase of web site traffic and ethical purchase of the same traffic. What is very clear is that it is newbie sites and generally sites without any traffic that make a negative blanket judgment on all purchased traffic.

So let's move to the pros and cons of purchasing web site traffic.

Without doubt the most attractive aspect of it is the fact that the results are virtually instant. For a company with overheads to meet and bills to pay, everything needs to happen pretty quickly unlike the one-man-show site being ran by this newbie trying to dump their lousy job and be their own boss.

The biggest disadvantage for many is the fact that purchasing traffic costs. Although it later reaches a point where the whole process becomes an easy down-hill ride where you simply re-invest some of your returns, one needs some money to get started in the first place.

Then there are those who believe that there is no point in purchasing traffic if you have the skills to generate it for free. For instance folks with SEO skills do not need to purchase traffic. Again good writers who understand how to use articles to generate traffic that is more targeted than any traffic that they can purchase, will also not need to purchase traffic. Increasingly bloggers who can find ways of getting many other blogs to link to them do not need to purchase web site traffic either.

However not everybody possesses these skills and this forces many webmasters and site owners to purchase these skills, which in my book is another way of purchasing traffic and means that well over 99.9% of the sites with any decent traffic, purchase their traffic.

Here are examples of 2 very effective ways of obtaining (I am avoiding using that dirty word "purchasing") high traffic

i) Write or get somebody to write 100 SEO articles at a time, using the right keywords that will get you lots of traffic. Imagine the impact of 100 articles every month on your site, or even 300 monthly!! The revenue from Adsense alone would return your investment and give you a hefty profit.

If you are interested in getting somebody else to write them for you, you can get 100 quality articles at only $4.50cts per article. Here are the rates of that excellent SEO writer;
- 1-5 articles: $20 @ article
- 6-10 articles $15 @ article
- 11-20 articles $ 12 @ article
- 21-30 articles $ 10 @ article
- 31 – 99 articles: $9 @ article
- 100 articles or more: $4.50 @ article
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ii) There is no doubt that the quickest and most effective route to high traffic is by quickly boosting your search engine rankings with thousands of quality back links. The way to do this is by using a certain respectable and very well known SEO organization to create buzz and links from thousands of leading blogs. The site simply distributes your press release amongst these blogs and they write about your site or offer in their own words and link back. Unlike banner ads that hardly get seen, these links in many high profile blogs have been known to directly build up immediate traffic at a tremendous rate. Over the long term the boost in search rankings increases the traffic directly from search engines, enormously.

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