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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Low Web Site Traffic: Maximizing Profits And Revenue

Ever seriously thought of ways of maximizing on your profits and revenues at your low traffic web site? Maybe not, and I don't blame you. All that any webmaster or site owner wants to think about this days is high traffic.

Yet, I once knew a very successful company in those heady bricks and mortar days that thrived on "low traffic." I remember listening in amazement as a friend working in their marketing department told me that they never targeted more than 20 large companies every year. Out of those 20 they would usually get two or three to give them a lot of business. Then the following year they would target the same list minus the two companies they had already bagged the previous year which would be replaced by 2 new companies.

The same strategy has been used very successfully online. There are numerous sites that do not have very high web site traffic, but they simply make the best out of their limited traffic.

One of the ways of maximizing on low web site traffic is to build an opt in email list from your existing traffic and then email them regularly with new offers and deals happening at your site. One of the things that will happen is that you will be maximizing on the number of repeat visits you receive from people who are already familiar with your site. This can be a very powerful strategy in increasing profits and revenues quickly at your low traffic web site.

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