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Saturday, November 18, 2006

High Blog Site Traffic Is Easy When You Understand Blogs

There is no denying that blogs have taken the web by storm and one of the main reasons why this has happened is that they seem to enjoy such high traffic almost effortlessly while conventional web sites seem to be constantly struggling for traffic.

Still, it is also true that many bloggers struggle to build up decent traffic, let alone high enough traffic for their blog sites to be called respectable. The truth is that anybody who is prepared to take a closer look at the nature of blogs will get an understanding that will guarantee them the usual high traffic expected of blogs.

The first thing you need to understand is that blogs find it extremely easy to link to one another. And therein lies the blog secret weapon. Links will always bring high traffic to a blog or site. Even if not directly, they will count towards better search engine ranking which will bring more traffic directly from search engines.

The next thing to take careful note of is the reason why blogs link to each other so easily. It is because blogs were originally designed for "conversation." We sites are stiff and official. But blogs are informal and very conversational. When you are making conversation, how do you spice up what you are saying? It is through giving examples and quoting others. And you never really need to worry about others quoting you, as long as you reach out to as many people as possible and make good conversation, you will inevitably get quoted a lot and others will refer to you.

So the big secret for gaining high blog site traffic (which should not be a secret at all) is to make conversation and not to run your blog like it was some stiff official web site. Get out there and make conversation and high blog traffic is inevitable for your site.

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SJP Blogger said...

I agree, Blogs are one of the best most easiest ways of getting networked with everyone. While Press Release Distribution help increase business sales. Thanks for the insightful article.

Anonymous said...

Great Post! I am just reading up on the best ways to create a successful blog, and what do you know, I find yours in my search :) I will apply your techniques and see how they work out for me.

Keep up the Good woork!