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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why Niche Web Site Traffic Is Gold

The moment you will discover the value of niche web site traffic, your online life will never be the same again.

This realization came to me totally by accident. One day I came across an affiliate program that touched on the exact niche that I was regularly attracting to a new blog I had just launched. I quickly signed up and pasted the affiliate link and totally forgot about it. About a week later I received an email notification of an affiliate sale. To date this program has continued to send me monthly payments of increasing amounts. Yet I have never done anything more than that initial pasting of the affiliate link code to my site.

Considering that the site I am talking about receives very little traffic, less than 100 page views per day, then you begin to realize just how powerful the concept of niche web site traffic is. The effective way to pull in niche web site traffic is with the use of articles that address niche problems and target the exact niche that you are interested in. You will have to carefully select the right niche keyword phrases. Then you will need to ensure that you launch your campaign with enough promotional articles to attract enough traffic.

You will be absolutely shocked at the results you will get from attracting the right niche traffic that finds your web or blog site most relevant. Conversion rates will be higher and revenues are bound to shoot up dramatically.

Do not waste time and resources on schemes that only attract a general audience when there is pure gold waiting to be mined continuously and endlessly from the carefully targeted quality niche web site traffic that you should be attracting using promotional articles.

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SJP Blogger said...

Hi Chris,
I am new to blogging. Is there a resource you find helpful for finding the niche sites? I do have a helpful resource for increasing exposure and traffic to websites through using Web Links