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Monday, November 06, 2006

Increased Free Web Site Traffic: The Google Way

Are you interested in seeing increased free web site traffic, the Google way?

You know how Google built up their current colossal amounts of free web site traffic, don't you? They simply developed a product, offered it for free and just kept on improving on it until it was the best on the web and in the whole wide world. Then they started to figure out how to turn the almost overwhelming amounts of traffic into cash. Google had to succeed because they didn't do it the way the rest of us do. Which is to figure out ways of making cash from traffic that we don't have as yet.

I can hear you say, that that was Google and that method will not work any more. You're wrong because even as you read this there are plenty of other sites that are succeeding using exactly the same principle.

If you've never heard of Christopher Knight and his site, then don't worry too much about it, because you soon will.

He launched with a clear vision to make it the best source of quality content on the web. Initially he tried to charge for the service, but that did not quite work out too well. So he went the Google way. Which is just keep on improving on your product while offering it for free. Today the site is has huge traffic and is just beginning to launch it's first set of revenue-earning products. You don't need to be very smart to know that is bound to succeed and succeed in a very big way.

Here are 2 other very effective high traffic techniques that will rapidly increase your traffic

i) Write or get somebody to write 100 SEO articles at a time, using the right keywords that will get you lots of traffic. Imagine the impact of 100 articles every month on your site, or even 300 monthly!! The revenue from Adsense alone would return your investment and give you a hefty profit.

If you are interested in getting somebody else to write them for you, you can get 100 quality articles at only $4.50cts per article. Here are the rates of that excellent SEO writer;
- 1-5 articles: $20 @ article
- 6-10 articles $15 @ article
- 11-20 articles $ 12 @ article
- 21-30 articles $ 10 @ article
- 31 – 99 articles: $9 @ article
- 100 articles or more: $4.50 @ article
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ii) There is no doubt that the quickest and most effective route to high traffic is by quickly boosting your search engine rankings with thousands of quality back links. The way to do this is by using a certain respectable and very well known SEO organization to create buzz and links from thousands of leading blogs. The site simply distributes your press release amongst these blogs and they write about your site or offer in their own words and link back. Unlike banner ads that hardly get seen, these links in many high profile blogs have been known to directly build up immediate traffic at a tremendous rate. Over the long term the boost in search rankings increases the traffic directly from search engines, enormously.

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