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Monday, November 06, 2006

Easy Free Web Site Traffic: Obstacles That Hinder You From Receiving It

There are many who are convinced that there is no such thing as free web site traffic, le alone easy free web site traffic. Just like it is widely understood that there is no such thing as a free lunch. They believe that if you want anything to happen at your site in terms of traffic then you have to pay through your nose before anything starts happening.

Sadly many of these same folks pay and then get impatient for results. What these type of people need to know is that the information age is different from any other previous age in history before it and some of the rules are a little different. While it is true that there are still no free lunches the fact is that the information age has made some people (who have understood that there are many other ways of paying for something other than reaching for your credit card or wad of cash in your wallet) extremely wealthy.

Take Google, the 100 billion company that did not exist six short years ago. The company's sole initial product was a search engine tool that they offered free. The founders did not spend a single dime advertising for traffic. Instead they went for easy free web site traffic. All they did was to constantly improve their product while offering it for free. They ended up building colossal traffic before they even started trying to figure out a way of turning that traffic into revenue.

So the number one reason that is hindering you from benefiting from free web site traffic is old thinking that is just not relevant to the information age.

Then there is some old thinking, which is relevant to this information age, which folks are still ignoring to their detriment.

A simple question; When you buy stock and it doesn't gain but just keeps on losing for the first couple of days, what do you do? Drop it like a red-hot brick and sue whoever gave you advice to buy it in the first place? Maybe even ask your broker for a refund?

Sounds crazy? But that is exactly what most folks are doing on the web. They forget one of the cardinal principles of any investment that still applies to the information age economy. And that is patience.

If you want lots of free easy web site traffic then whatever you choose to do, do it consistently for a while and just be a little patient, the flood gates of traffic will eventually open, that I guarantee you.

Here are 2 other high traffic techniques

i) Write or get somebody to write 100 SEO articles at a time, using the right keywords that will get you lots of traffic. Imagine the impact of 100 articles every month on your site, or even 300 monthly!! The revenue from Adsense alone would return your investment and give you a hefty profit.

If you are interested in getting somebody else to write them for you, you can get 100 quality articles at only $4.50cts per article. Here are the rates of that excellent SEO writer;
- 1-5 articles: $20 @ article
- 6-10 articles $15 @ article
- 11-20 articles $ 12 @ article
- 21-30 articles $ 10 @ article
- 31 – 99 articles: $9 @ article
- 100 articles or more: $4.50 @ article

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ii) There is no doubt that the quickest and most effective route to high traffic is by quickly boosting your search engine rankings with thousands of quality back links. The way to do this is by using a certain respectable and very well known SEO organization to create buzz and links from thousands of leading blogs. The site simply distributes your press release amongst these blogs and they write about your site or offer in their own words and link back. Unlike banner ads that hardly get seen, these links in many high profile blogs have been known to directly build up immediate traffic at a tremendous rate. Over the long term the boost in search rankings increases the traffic directly from search engines, enormously.

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