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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free content for website: Secret on how to become number one on Google in less than an hour Part 1

If you have plenty of excellent free content for your website that has already been written up in the form of articles, it is fairly easy to rank number one on Google or thereabouts, even for competitive keyword phrases and to achieve all this in less than an hour.

Before you do anything it is important to appreciate the most significant Google secret for ranking highly for anything. It is what has made this search engine so popular and you can be sure that for them to have remained number one for so long the giant search engine still places a lot of emphasis on this little secret.

Here is the secret. The most significant factor for Google that is the motive behind every action the company takes concerning its’ search engine is to always enhance and keep improving on user experience. In fact black hat search engine optimization techniques are usually things that frustrate or deteriorate on user experience while white hat search engine optimization methods of optimizing sites always take care NOT to interfere with user experience and to in fact strive to work towards enhancing it. And so whatever you do always think about improving on user experience and you will hardly go wrong.

And so once you have decided which keyword phrase you want to use and the article you want to optimize that has those keyword phrases, ensure that the article is at least 700 words long. If it is shorter write in extra paragraphs so that the article gets longer. And keeping the user experience in mind, write in useful information that truly adds value to the article and not just some boring paragraphs to simply help you fill in the words.

Free content for my website with 100 articles instantly and much more after that with the information in this free email newsletter and maybe a little more from a paid email course. Guaranteed!!!

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